Monday, August 31, 2009


WebKruz is one of many new search engines (from Larry Ferlazzo highly recommended!!) that uses visualization and multi-media to query their search results. In their own words, " Webkruz is an new innovative visual search engine that is striving to change how people search for data on the internet. Instead of showing the results in a flat textual format, Webkruz shows the results in a way that gives the results more depth."

WK has one really cool feature which I have not seen before, and that is when you do a search on a term the results come in thumbnail pictures which then act like a slideshow. This is very handy when you want to see the home page of each of your results. However, if there is one draw back to the site I feel that it is a bit busy and w/ the advertising taking on such a prominent role it does district from the content of the page.

Search results on the term 21st century technology...

Give Webkruz a try by clicking here.

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