Friday, August 7, 2009


BookRix is a new site that allows a user to create a "digital" book. I can potentially see this being used by students, but educators must be aware that there is no filtering going on (even though there is a strict guideline policy).

I must say that I'm really impressed w/ what you can do on BR. Not only can you upload your book, you can create one from scratch right on their site. Also, there is a nice feature that allows you to create a cover w/ their stock photos or upload your own.

Finally, as any "web 2.0" application you have the ability to post your book online for others to read and provide comments. This is the one area that I feel can be fine tuned. I'd like to see the ability to monitor comments before they get posted. Here, you can only to them on or off. Also, I'd like this site to a bit faster if possible, but I think there is a lot of flash involved which does hinder the load times.

Give BookRix a try by clicking here or read my Blog Companion (now in book format) on there by clicking here.

For another detailed review check out Larry Ferlazzo's excellent blog.

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