Monday, August 31, 2009

Snow Leopard

After installing Snow Leopard and messing around w/ it for a few days I decided to post my thoughts on Apple's least expensive/powerful upgrade.

There are many sites online that offer great detailed reviews of 10.6 such as Mac World or Ars Technia review. They get into detail on all the changes, improved speed, Grand Central Dispatch, etc etc. However, I like to focus on a few things that jumped right out at me.

First, Quicktime X, is a new version of Quicktime which comes w/ Pro unlocked and offers screen capturing ability. This is very easy to do and users of iMovie 09 will feel right at home. Although, Quicktime 7 is still around for those that are not quite comfortable w/ the change (see Utility folder).

Second, Preview has some added changes such as an improved ability to annotate/highlight text. There is a new toolbar which allows you to edit the PDF which was very limited in other versions.

Finally, what really stood out for me was how apps were relocated or their names changed. For example, Directory Utility is no longer located in the Utilities folder but is now located in the System/Library/Core Services folder. While this might be confusing at first it does get easier the more you become familiar w/ Snow Leopard.

A great update from Apple for only $29.99!!!
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