Tuesday, August 11, 2009


FlauntR is a site by Foto Desk and is a free online image editor. After giving it a try it reminded me a lot of Aviary but not as user friendly. That is a bit disappointing because there is a lot to like on this site.

The first thing that I noticed to even give this site a try you have to be a registered user. After that you have to either upload your own photos or use their sample images. While this is ok, once you upload the image it takes some getting used to before you know how to simply import the photo into the effects editor. For example, it took me 5 minutes to realize I had to drag/drop my logo in a window that is covered up by another window (this was confusing to me). Also, I found no easy way to undo/delete an effect. I had to literally start over from scratch by dragging my photo again on to the edit window.

Nice feature ordering your pictures!!

However, FlauntR has a very nice look to their website and there are a lot of fun effects that you can add. Give FR a try by clicking here.

Below is my example using the Paper Cut3 & Magazine cover effect...

For another in depth review check out Richard Byrne's amazing blog.

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