Thursday, August 13, 2009


Lavva is a new (beta) search engine that is influenced by their users to share/collaborate on information. It can almost be described as Wikipedia meets Google. Here is a quote in their own words, "Lavva hopes to turn search into an interactive platform where every user can contribute to the richness of the experience and have the ability to influence content."

After giving Lavva a try I must say I was pretty impressed. First, it is a visually nice looking search engine, browsing for images is very easy w/ interactive thumbnails. What this means is, a person can rate a link or image by clicking on a thumbs up or thumbs down. Users of Facebook will be familiar w/ that and those ratings determine which place the order in which those hits occur.

Give Lavva a try by clicking here.

Below is a pic of a search using the term, technology integration...

For another detailed review click on Larry Ferlazzo's blog.
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