Friday, August 21, 2009

Ninja Words

Ninja Words is a new site that I just read about on Richard Byrne's excellent blog. NW is an online dictionary which is very easy to use and quite good.

What I like so much about NW is that it tracks a user's history so you can refer back to words. However, you do have the ability to empty the history if you don't want to keep a record of that. It reminds me a lot of Apple's built in dictionary w/out the ability to cross-reference.

Below is my example...

Give Ninja Words a try by clicking here.
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  1. I must admit that I never use a dictionary anymore. It's just so convenient to look things up online. Do you know if Ninja Words is available for Google homepage? (I am Betty from Teacher Lingo but can't leave that link here without a Name/URL choice.

  2. Hey Betty, I doubt there is a gadget for Google Start Page, but I know there is a way to create your own "gadget".

    If you'd like to me find specific info I can, it requires some knowledge of html.

    Here is a link of existing gadgets...


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