Monday, April 20, 2009

Bumper Car

I first tested Bumper Car about 2 years ago when trying to find a "safe" browser solution for students. Well, Bumper Car 2 is now out and after testing this out I decided to report back my views.

Bumper Car is a Mac based browser designed to keep kids "safe" on the internet. This is done in many ways, one of which is Bumper Car's unique Start Page design. At this page a student can guide their bumper car to one of the many sections: math, science, fun & games, or into the "Mystery Tunnel" which takes them to a random kid's site.

Another great feature of BC, is the ability to filter/control anything on your browser. You can select a default by Age/School level, home use, etc. and edit the black/white list to your desire so nothing inappropriate can be browsed to. The amount of settings that you can control are mind boggling (time of day can browse, java script, etc.).

For more info click here.

BTW, this is all done at the browser level and not the server the way most filters work, so this is really ideal for home use. I downloaded the demo which lets you try 14 times before having to pay the $29.99 fee.

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