Sunday, April 5, 2009

Screencasting (Re-Blog)

I found this fascinating quote today:

Creating screen casts or online tutorials are such a great way to use technology in your classroom. It can be used to show a student “how to” do something, or used to record what is actually happening on a users desktop.Dkapuler, Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero, Feb 2009You should read the whole article.

First off, I'm testing out this re-blogging feature on Blogger using Zemanta. That being said the reason for this re-blog is because I have had the great pleasure of discovering Don McAllister.

He is the creator/genuis behind the amazing screencasts on Mac Heist. After seeing his work he totally made me re-think the way I should go about creating my own screencasts. He truely has become a huge inspiration for me (and a really friendly guy-responding to my email right away).

I highly suggest checking out his work-flow on how he exactly creates his screencasts by clicking here, it's a combination of Screenflow, Final Cut, Motion, and so on.

BTW, to see his work click on any app on Mac Heist and check out their latest bundle, a lot of great apps are on there for only $40.00 ends tomorrow. I can't wait to get my hands on BoinxTV which reminds me of Wirecast. Now, if only I can scrape up the 40 by tomorrow ;-) For more info click here.

Below is an example of a video intro I made for our screencasts thanks to the tips from Don!!
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