Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Note Pub

Note Pub is a site I just discovered on Jennifer Dorman's wonderful blog. It is a site dedicated to creating/sharing/organizing your notes, w/ a web 2.0 style to it.

What I like about NP is how easy it is to get started. No long drawn out process where you have to enter a lot of info to create a user name and password, just click register and type away. The user end reminds me a lot of Wikipedia or something like that and any beginner should be able to pick up on that right away.

Another great feature is the ability to create groups and password protect anything (Wikipedia again). You can even create, chats, blogs, wikis, forums, etc.

Where I think NP needs some "fine tuning" is it's over look and feel. It just doesn't flow the way that some similar apps do such as Evernote or something like that. However, I still recommend checking it out!!

For more info click here.

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