Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Glogster is a site I have known about for quite some time but never really looked at until I found out about their educational section to it (Thanks JJ).

Glogster is a site where you can make online/interactive posters. Now that they have gone the route of "web 2.0" it has quickly become one of my favorite online apps around.

To get started is simple, in fact you don't even need to register if you want to just create one from scratch. However, for education you can sign up for a free "teachers" account and then register up to 200 students. Glogster generates all usernames/passwords so no student email accounts is necessary.

Once, the accounts are created you are good to go. Creating your own poster is very simple and just click on the text/video/sound etc. button, to do what you want. Everything you put on
your poster is at your control and you can upload media straight from your computer as well.

After your Glog/poster is created you can then share it w/ others or set it to private. Also, you can rate/comment on each others Glogs if you so choose (if that option is enabled). You can even embed your poster into your blog/website too.

For more info on Glogster in education click here.

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