Thursday, April 2, 2009

Primary Access

Primary Access is another site that I learned about from CR 2.0 (Nancy B, come on down ;-). This is a site very similar to Digital Vaults, that lets you create digital stories using their stock footage.

What I like about Primary Access is how easy it is to use. You can login as a guest and try it out (that's exactly what I did to make this demo video). There are a bunch of features which make it a nice resource for education such as: ability to show your script via subtitles, time-lines, idea maps (think Inspiration brain storms) etc.

Another nice thing about PA is its "logically work flow". This lets a user create a story in a matter of minutes where viewing a long drawn out video is not necessary to get started.

(I'm showing the whole editing screen to give an example of what it looks like, the finished product would just be the actual video.)

For more info click here.

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