Thursday, April 2, 2009


Europeana is a new and exciting site (beta) which is kind of hard to explain in words (I'll do my best). It's a place to harvest/garner ideas about Europe and it's culture. I think of it as the ultimate resource for European History.

At first glance you'll think of this as your standard search engine which has a nice visual appeal. However, after exploring a bit deeper you'll notice there is so much more that you can do on here. There is a very nice time-line feature which puts and tags events in sequential order. Best of all the time-line interacts w/ pictures via cover flow style (think iTunes).

Another great feature (my personal favorite) is the Thought Lab. By clicking on that it brings you to a search engine, but not just any old search engine, a "semantic web/web 3.0" style engine. Check it out if you're curious to see the way the web is evolving.

Below is a sample video of what Europeana is all about!!!

For more info click here.

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