Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Visualizing Cultures

Visualizing Cultures is a site from the guys at MIT (Scratch) designed to illuminate social and cultural history. The closest thing I can describe this site to is Digital Vaults and Europeana but that's not really that accurate.

VC uses the web as a platform to: (1) examine large bodies of previously inaccessible images; (2) compose original texts with unlimited numbers of full-color, high-resolution images; and (3) use new technology to explore unprecedented ways of analyzing and presenting images that open windows on modern history. (this is straight from their site)

After exploring this site I can only say you really need to check it out. The user interface is completely unique, it's totally interactive, and it is filled w/ multi-media videos/images throughout.

For more info click here.
(Free Tech 4 Technology great blog on VC)
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