Thursday, April 9, 2009

Vod Pod

Vod Pod is another site that has totally blown me away. It is a place where you can store/house videos online similar to Fliggo. However, there are things that you can do on VP that you can't do on Fliggo and vice versa. Either way, whichever application you decide to go w/ you won't be disappointed.

VP is very easy to use. Just register, create a "pod" name and you are good to go. To upload a video is easy as 1,2,3, view pic.

VP is ideal and easy to upload videos from online sources such as: blogs, You Tube, Facebook, etc. For example, I uploaded all my videos from my blog (19) into VP w/ a click of a button.

Another nice feature is the ability to create a widget to add to your blog (like I did here, which seems a bit redundant, but I wanted to test it out), and install a "Share Video" button into your browser's toolbar to make adding video that much easier.

What I am bit confused about is, if you have the ability to upload videos from your own computer. This would be ideal for adding student's work, etc etc. Fliggo, does that quite nicely, w/ Vod Pod I'm just not sure.

My last concern if their filtering/moderating policy. Upond reading their terms of service they make it apparent that no "adult/inappropriate" material can be posted, and if it is measures will be taken. This leads me to believe that they have no built in filter. However, you can set your "Pod" site to be Public, Mature, or Hidden which requires an invitation to join. You can also turn on/off comments and adjust other settings as well. I have an email into them regarding CIPA/COPPA compliance.

To view my Vod Pod example click here.
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