Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comet Docs

Comet Docs is a great new site that lets you convert your files online. This is nothing new as there are a bunch of sites that do online file conversion but CD might just be the best.

What separates Comic Docs from other sites is it's ease of use and the ability to convert files of over 50 different ways. For example, you can do: Word to PDF, XLS to CSV, XML, MP3, etc etc. Also, you can do file comparison and information analysis as well.

Once you have selected the file and format you want to convert, just click the send button and your conversion will be emailed to you for download.

What I love best about CD is the great user interface which changes depending on what type of file you choose, so by clicking on an AVI file it will tell you what type of conversion it can do.

Give it a try by clicking here.

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